Ability Team

The Ability Team are concerned with what we need, by way of resources, skills & management in order to carry out our responsbilities. They have overall responsiblity for Finance, & Buildings & Equipment.



Main Purpose: Managing financial resources effectively & ensuring that we meet our financial obligations.

Main responsibilities:
To oversee financial planning & budgets in line with the church’s priorities
To promote & supervise the administration of Gift Aid
To oversee use of a computerised accounting system to enable accurate record-keeping & production of accounts
To oversee operation of the church’s various bank accounts
To develop & oversee implementation of financial systems

Lisa McKeown
Karen Procter

Buildings & Equipment

Main purpose: To maintain & develop our buildings & their contents, to ensure that they are fit for the many different uses & activities that are part of the life of this church.

Main responsibilities:
To ensure the church is prepared for worship
To oversee maintenance & upkeep of the buildings
To comply with Diocesan obligations regarding the buildings
To comply with Health & Safety regulations & ensure good practice, including PAT testing of appliances
To ensure that Risk Assessments are carried out & users informed of these
To provide for fire safety
To ensure that caretaking & cleaning duties are carried out
To ensure that all necessary equipment is provided, for both worship & other uses

Elaine Betts
Les Careless